Myra works both individually and together with Kerstina Tresselt ( in offering developmental movement, and bodywork with both normal developing 

and special needs infants, babies, and children, as well as, support for parents and/or other caregivers.  Kerstina is a heilpraktikerin/health practitioner with a Masters Degree in Pedagogy and has a gift for working with children of all ages and their parents and caregivers.  We both have over 30 years of training and experience in working children and families, and we offer training in this specialization.


"​​​​Everything in life moves, even in stillness there is a continuation of internal movement.  Maintaining pathways of flow through our body and mind, can help support our health and well being.​"       Myra Avedon

Myra offers individual sessions and supervision, classes, workshops, and trainings from beginning to advanced levels of study in psychophysical integration, 
​meditation, improvisational movement and sounding, embodied anatomy, and somatic and developmental movement based on principles from Body-Mind Centering® and Continuum Movement®.  



Myra Avedon

Myra and Kerstina also offer multiple hands sessions for all ages. These are sessions with more than one practitioner.  Myra and Kerstina try to engage physical pathways through hands on support and increasing body awareness.  

DEVELOPMENTAL WORK with babies and Children

come move and be moved with us.​

In her individual work, Myra seeks to support greater ease and flow and to call on the potential internal and external 
available within each person and their situation. Anatomical awareness and relationships are woven into the sessions 

to further enhance such resourcing.  Whenever possible, curiosity, humour and ​joyful experiences, are sought as a helpful balance to stress and tension. Self help tools and exercises are offered in most sessions so that people can take something with them and feel supported by in their daily life. 


Moving Body Mind & Spirit

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