Myra Avedon

come move and be moved with us.​

Whenever possible Myra engages curiosity, humour and joyful experiences and finds this to be a helpful antidote to balance stress and tension.

Together one may explore how the present moment relates to past learning, habitual patterning, or future choices if it feels right.  This may include supporting what may need more stabilization, psychophysically integrating what is happening or happened, or helping bring greater awareness to stuck places to allow things to move. Myra likes to offer self help tools that people can take with them and feel supported by in their daily life.  

Myra seeks to support greater ease and flow and to access the potential internal and external resources available.  Her sessions are different with each person, because they are not based on a single technique or one specific model. She pulls from a wide range of experience and training to best meet each situation.  Thus each session is a co-creative process developed with the person in the moment to meet the need of the moment.

​​In addition to my individual work, I also offer multiple hands sessions in teamwork with Kerstina Tresselt and a few other professional healthcare providers. This can be effective in working with general tension, neuromuscular patterns, or held trauma.  We have found this can also be helpful in working with developmental and/or neurological issues in children and adults to help them find their neuromuscular pathways more easily.  We also engage the other body systems to help balance tone, improve circulation, and generally provide a broad base of support.  

Our work has developed over the years at BodyMind Continuum into a special children's project at our Studio. ​  ​Where we offer developmental movement  and bodywork with normal developing and special needs infants, babies, and children, as well as individual support for parents and/or other caregivers. Kerstina Tresselt, my colleague, holds a Masters Degree in Pedagogy with a gift for working with children, parents and other caregivers.  She has over 20 years of bodywork training and experience.  For more information on Kerstina Tresselt or our BodyMind Continuum Studio please press the tab "Studio" above.