Winter Immersion:
Resonant Touch & Movement Facilitation– Exploring Embodiment  & Transmission
with Myra Avedon
December 4-8, 2019

​In Stockholm at Pranama

Winter season is an auspicious time to enhance our own warmth and light and explore ways of inter-exchanging warmth and light with others. It is a time to explore more inner and near space.  

Presence, resonance and transmission are elements that underly embodied touch and movement facilitation. In this immersion we will explore experiential exercises for refining our ability to resonantly meet others: physically, energetically and with greater consciousness.

Enhancing listening and meeting skills through our senses and perceptions, initiating different qualities of touch and movement through embodied anatomy, exploring spatial and dimensional relationships. 


Exploring relational themes and taking this into working with loving presence, resonance, and transmission through touch and movement.

Facilitation through touch increasing our awareness of perceiving and balancing various physical and energetic qualities of touch.

Movement facilitation utilizing physiological and developmental
movement principles for greater ease and flow.

Integration and applications for self practices and working with others; including Shamanistic themes of centering in ones heart, connecting to the web of life and generating healing energy fields.

 This immersion is intended for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers, Bodyworkers, Movers and Dancers, and people with Somatic Movement Experience. 

Please be aware there are limited spots in this advanced training!

Myra Avedon has been researching, developing and teaching somatic and transpersonal therapies that enhance human potential for over 35 years. She works with presence and relational principles in supporting greater ease and cultivating openness to new possibilities.  


with Dr. Scott Lyons &

Myra Avedon

​Jan 28, 2021 – Feb 20, 2021

This advanced training (with prerequisites) is intended for Yoga Teachers and Somatic Practitioners to deepen their embodiment and to utilize this  as a basis for working with groups and individuals. The program offers both didactic information and guided experiences to share effective tools in supporting mental, emotional, physical and biological functions in order to enhanse optimal well-being. 

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come be and move with us        

Kommen, seien und bewegen Sie sich mit uns.



Embodied Presence & Resonance 

Explored through Movement, Touch and Vibrational Sounding

with Myra Avedon

​in Ericeira, Portugal

 in 2020

Organized by Satu Tuomela

& Amanda Tilly

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Tai Massage with the support of 

Osteopathic Principles

with Carlos Romero &

Myra Avedon


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Embodied Presence & Resonance 

Explored through Movement, Touch and Vibrational Sounding

with Myra Avedon

​in Gothenburg, Sweden

in 2020

Organized by Anja Bergh

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Classes, Workshops

and Events

2019 - 2021

These workshops are open to people with interest and somatic experience willing to engage and explore deeply.  We encourage teachers, practitioners and therapists of all related disciplines to attend, as we continue this rich dialogue. ​

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For further questions and/or registration for 
this course on "Ease and Resilience in the Nervous System"
offered in Munich please contact  Sara Kramer
Tel:     +49 157 85854613.

Dieser Workshop wird auf Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung angeboten.

Leichtigkeit und Belastbarkeit im

Bereich der Nervensystem 

Ausgleichend für Körper, Geist und Seele 
Durch erfahrungsmäßig Bewegung & Berührung
mit Myra Avedon  & Erik Bendix

in München

Dieses Angebot ist Teil einer Reihe von Kursen zur Erforschung der somatischen Bewegungserziehung und Facilitation
die im München angeboten werden.

Der Workshop ist offen für alle, die sich tief darauf einlassen möchten, sich auf diese Weise zu erforschen. Hiermit laden wir Körpertherapeuten und Lehrer für Bewegung aus allen Disziplinen ein, und hoffen, dass dieser kollaborative Workshop zu weiteren Zusammenkünften führt.

Für weitere Fragen und Anmeldungen  für 
der Kurs Entspannung und Belastbarkeit des Nervensystems in München wenden Sie sich bitte an
Sara Kramer
Tel     +49 157 85854613.

Für weitere Fragen für andere
Kurse oder Supervision in München
wenden Sie sich bitte eine E-Mail an Myra Avedon unter

​​​​Everything in life moves, even in stillness there is a continuation of internal movement.  Maintaining pathways of flow through our body and mind, can help support our health and well being.​"         Myra Avedon

For Information or Registration in 
Workshops, Courses, Advanced Training, or individual sessions or supervision on

Moving & Balancing Body Mind and Spirit 

PsychoPhysical Integration, 
Somatic Movement, &/or Bodywork

in Prien am Chiemsee
with Myra Avedon 

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Offering Ongoing Classes on

Moving & Balancing 

Body Mind and Spirit 

in Prien am Chiemsee with
Myra Avedon & Kerstina Tresselt 

In these classes we explore embodiment, foundational movement principles, and relational possibilities in guided experiences including expressions of touching and sounding.  This way of exploring can help us to increase our awareness of ourselves, our environment and other people. When we are more fully centered and at home within ourselves, and we can fluidly access more of our inner resources, we can expand our range of possibilities in our expressions and relationships. 

These classes are offered in both English and German (with possible translation if requested).  For more information about Classes in German with Kerstina Tresselt please press the Button below.

Scott Lyons & Myra Avedon

join to teach a 



in the Munich or Chiemgau Area

in 2020

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Ease and Resilience in the

Nervous System 

Balancing Body Mind and Spirit 

Through Experiential Movement & Touch

with Myra Avedon & Erik Bendix

​in Munich


This offering is part of a series of courses to explore Somatic Movement Education and Facilitation
being ​offered in the Munich area​​